Aims & Objectives 


Founded in 1951 to promote international cooperation and to support the interests of the profession, the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML) is a respected member of the international library and music communities. IAML currently has about 2,000 individual and institutional members in some 45 countries throughout the world. IAML Australia (ABN: 98 356 272 938) currently has 63 members. It has national branches in 22 countries, five professional branches, four subject commissions and various working groups, and is responsible for several large-scale documentation projects.The IAML Australian branch seeks (as detailed in its Constitution) to:

- Encourage and promote the activities of music libraries, archives and documentation centres and to strengthen the
cooperation among institutions and individuals in these fields of interest

- To support and to facilitate the realisation of projects in music bibliography, music documentation and music library science and
to explore effective means of accomplishing them.

- To promote the availability of all publications and documents relating to music, particularly to encourage international exchange
and lending.

- To encourage and support the development of standards in all areas that concern the Branch.

- To further the bibliographical control of musical collections of the past and the present.

- To support the protection and preservation of musical documents of the past and the present.

- To co-operate with other organisations in the field of music, musicology, librarianship, archival science and documentation.

- To arrange international congresses of music librarians, archivists, and documentalists, as well as meetings of the Branch's

Members can access our Constitution / Model Rules via the members only area or you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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