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2016 Conference workshop - Basic Salvage Techniques of Library Collections

At the 2015 IAML Australia conference a need was expressed for the next conference to discuss practical knowledge and offer guidance relating to disaster management for librarians. Unfortunately, some of our members have had first hand experience with disaster situations, while others have had none and wondered, what would I do? Based on this feedback, the 2016 conference in Brisbane will offer a special workshop designed specifically for our needs and delivered by State Library of Queensland's Collection Preservation Manager, Grant Collins.

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Keynote speaker announcement! Professor Peter Roennfeldt #iamlbris16

IAML Australia is pleased to announce Professor Peter Roennfeldt will be joining us at our 2016 conference in Brisbane as a Keynote speaker. Professor Roennfeldt's contribution to the Queensland music eco-system makes him an ideal choice to speak on the theme Local History, Local Music.

Professor Roennfeldt will draw upon several decades of experience in researching and publishing books, articles and papers relating to Queensland's music and highlight the importance of creativity and lateral thinking. He will also reflect on the crucial role of librarians and curated collections where a simple archival inquiry led to significent discoveries or realisations.

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Inaugural Letty Katts Award by The State Library of Queensland

The State Library of Queensland has an exciting new music research fellowship opportunity available.

The inaugural Letty Katts Award supports the research and documenting of Queensland’s music history. It gives a musician, composer, scholar or researcher the opportunity to study, experiment and explore new thinking in their art/study, leading to the creation of new knowledge or work/s inspired by Queensland’s music history. 

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Call for Papers IAML Conference 2016 – Local History, Local Music

IAML Australia would love to hear from you if you are interested in presenting a paper at IAML Conference 2016 – Local History, Local Music on 29 & 30 September at The Ship Inn, Brisbane.

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IAML Australia 2016 Conference in Brisbane - Local History, Local Music.

We are very excited to announce the IAML Australia 2016 Conference in Brisbane - Local History, Local Music.

The #iamlbris16 program will feature inspirational keynotes from some of Queensland’s most iconic music professionals and papers showcasing local history and music projects around Brisbane and Australia. The use of special library collections will be highlighted and the importance of these collections to local history explored. 

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Elizabeth Smith knows the score

Walking into a room full of music librarians may not sound intimidating, but I'll admit to a moment of nervousness on the first day of the 2015 IAML Australia Conference. You see, I am not a musician or a music librarian. As the Assistant Librarian at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), I work with performing arts practitioners every day and, while we do teach musical theatre, the emphasis in my work is definitely on the dramatic, rather than the musical. So, would I embarrass myself with my lack of musical knowledge? Would I mix up my brass instruments with my woodwinds? 

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